15 Amazing Facts About SORA (XOR)

A Journey Through SORA’s Remarkable Features and Innovations

SORA has made significant progress in providing reliable, user-friendly, and innovative crypto utility. 
Here are 15 fascinating facts about SORA that you may find amazing.

  1. Fair Launch

Unlike the usual path of many crypto projects, which start seeking the backing of venture capitalists (VCs) and often end as an exit strategy that dumps retail investors, SORA chose a different path. SORA executed a fair launch, meaning there was no initial pre-sale to VCs. This strategy ensures an equal platform for all early-stage participants in the project.

  1. Smooth Operation

The SORA blockchain is a finely tuned computer built on Substrate. The blockchain has been running smoothly since its launch and is ready to scale, demonstrating its robustness, reliability, and efficiency.

  1. Continuous Development 

Since the birth of SORA, the unwavering commitment of the core contributors, notably SORAMITSU, who has worked with Central Banks and governments and actively contributed towards the relentless development of the SORA infrastructure and its Decentralized Applications (DApps) is evident. This ongoing development underscores SORAMITSU’s commitment to SORA and shows a promising path for the project’s future.

  1. Core Contributors’ development of Important payment systems like CBDCs for central banks

The Japanese Swiss blockchain company, SORAMITSU, which is driving SORA’s success, also designed systemically essential payment systems like Central Bank Digital Asset tokenization( similar to CBDCs). This showcases their deep understanding of digital finance.

  1. Active Community

SORA has built an active community of supporters, developers, and users. Members contribute significantly by providing feedback, testing features, and promoting the project. Join us on telegram: 

  1. Long-term Strategic Integrated Plan

With a multi-year strategic integrated plan, the project is positioned to deliver on its mission and vision in a transparent and decentralized way, as anyone can request features and contribute to the integrated plan.

  1. A Growing Network

Around 20 projects are operating on the SORA network, contributing to the growth and diversification of the ecosystem. Each one of them offers unique functionalities, enhancing the user experience.

  1. Active Staking Program

SORA runs an active staking program, allowing users to earn rewards by participating in the network’s security. In addition, the SORA staking has embedded compatibility with the Fearless Wallet. This means that users can conveniently stake their XOR tokens using this secure and user-friendly wallet.

  1. User-friendly DEX, Polkaswap

SORA operates Polkaswap, a DEX known for its superior user interface. Polkaswap allows users to trade any kind of crypto (soon) in a secure and efficient non-custodial way.

  1.  XORless Swaps

With this feature, you can swap to any token in Polkaswap without having XOR. In addition, you can bridge your ETH or ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum without paying XOR gas fees! The fees are taken from the Ethereum bridge transaction.

  1.  Fast and Reliable Ethereum Bridge

The SORA network hosts the HASHI bridge, facilitating the easy and speedy transfer of ETH or ERC-20 tokens between the Ethereum and the SORA network.

  1. Reputable Contributors

SORA has top-tier contributors, SORAMITSU, adding to the reputation and reliability of the project. SORAMITSU brings unique skill sets and a wealth of experience to the project, which is instrumental in driving the project forward.

  1. SORA Card

SORA contributors are developing a debit card, the SORA Card, which will be integrated into SORA Wallet, thePolkaswap DEX, and Fearless Wallet for payments and fiat and token purchases.

  1. Kensetsu

Kensetsu is one of the enormous projects in ongoing development that will bring more utility to the XOR token. The project was introduced in an RFP and is currently in the research and development stage.

  1. Stablecoin Offering and Synthetics Platform

The SORA ecosystem has two types of Stablecoins in production, the XSTUSD and the TBCD token. These two stablecoins have systematically different design approaches, offering the community more utility. 

The unique features, such as XORless swaps, fast Ethereum bridge, active staking program, and the development of innovative DApps, testify to the relentless drive of the SORA contributors. 

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