SORA’s Integration as a Polkadot Parachain

The new Significance and Functionality of SORA's Polkadot Parachain Integration

The recent success of SORA in securing a Polkadot Parachain has opened up new opportunities. This significant achievement made possible only with the community’s help, enhances the cross-chain interoperability of SORA.

SORA Substrate Chain Architecture: Enabling Interoperability

SORA’s Substrate chain architecture is effectively bridged to two blockchain networks: Ethereum and Kusama. SORA is actively working on establishing bridges to other Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible chains, including Binance Smart Chain and Klaytn chain. This strategic approach ensures that SORA remains well-connected to various blockchain ecosystems. 

An aspect of SORA’s architecture is its ability to maintain its own blockchain’s finality and set of validators. This independence, however, is complemented by the Polkadot network, which secures the SORA Polkadot Parachain. This dual-layered security model ensures a reliable environment for users.

The integration of SORA with the SORA Polkadot Parachain will be complete with a bridge and activation of SORA Polkadot Parachain. This is set to become operational in the coming weeks. 

Trading DOT on Polkaswap

Once the SORA Polkadot Parachain and the Parachain bridge are live, DOT will be available for trading on Polkaswap, enabling users to trade ETH for DOT or KSM for DOT. 

On Polkaswap, you will have the opportunity to trade every parachain token with ETH or every parachain token with DOT. This has the potential to make Polkaswap a unique DEX within the Polkadot ecosystem and enhance the overall user-friendliness of Polkadot.

The SORA’s architecture unique blend of independence and security, coupled with the imminent Polkadot bridge and enhanced DEX functionality, positions SORA very differently from other parachains.

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