SORA Announces Successful Execution of First XCM Transaction in Test Environment

Development highlight of XCM with SORA platform

In a significant development, SORA today announced the successful execution of the first cross-chain message (XCM) transaction between the Kusama Parachain and the SORA platform in a test environment. With the connection between the SORA platform and the Kusama Parachain now fully functional.

Notably, the SORA network is already fully operational, boasting a comprehensive staking program as well as pooling and farming capabilities. Over 20 projects are being developed on the SORA platform, highlighting its robustness.

Here’s a deeper look at how it works:

SORA operates its own standalone chain, currently bridged to the Ethereum network. Additionally, SORA maintains a sister parachain on the Kusama network and has plans to launch a parachain on Polkadot in the future. As part of its commitment to fostering cross-chain interoperability, SORA is also developing bridges to other EVM chains like BNB, EWT, Klaytn, and more.

In line with its goal to boost liquidity, SORA is set to introduce a liquidity program aimed at bringing more liquidity to its decentralized exchange, Polkaswap. This will soon enable the trading of Kusama and other parachain tokens on Polkaswap.

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