Global Payment Operator ADAR Unveils Roadmap: Exploring Core Functionality Developed on the SORA Network and Future Features

Here is what ADAR has been up to!

Advanced Digital Asset Routing (ADAR) has recently shared its exciting roadmap during an interview with SORA News. The team behind ADAR aims to improve global payments for small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and individuals, addressing the challenges they face when making recurring payments to a vast network of suppliers and employees.

Since its launch on the SORA network in May 2023, ADAR has successfully onboarded several businesses, paving the way for a seamless payment experience.

ADAR is actively working on several key features that will further enhance the platform’s functionality and address the evolving needs of its users. 

Features Currently Under Development:

1. Token Distribution Feature: This upcoming feature will simplify the process of distributing airdrops and rewards. Users will be able to execute distributions with just one signature, streamlining the entire process.

2. Fee Optimization: With the implementation of swap and send extrinsic, ADAR will become more cost-effective. This update will eliminate fees for swaps, providing a seamless experience for users.

3. Privacy, T&Cs, Disclaimer: ADAR prioritizes transparency and user awareness. As part of our ongoing development, we will display privacy policies, terms and conditions, and disclaimers directly within the app.

4. Video Advertisement: Our marketing team is actively working on creating a compelling video advertisement that showcases ADAR’s key features. This promotional material will highlight the platform’s functionalities and benefits.

5. UI/UX Updates: We are constantly striving to improve the user experience. The UI/UX updates will provide a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for ADAR.

6. Enhanced Security Measures and Audits: We are also actively conducting an internal security audit to ensure the robustness and integrity of ADAR. This audit specifically focuses on the new features currently under development. Additionally, we are strengthening our CI/CD infrastructure to enhance security measures. As part of this effort, we are incorporating new security tools into our CI pipeline to proactively identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. By prioritizing security throughout the development process, we aim to provide our users with a highly secure and trustworthy payment distribution platform.

Upcoming Developments:

1. Google Auth Integration: To enhance accessibility, we are working on integrating Google authentication. This will allow users to access ADAR from any device or operating system without the need for browser extensions.

2. Polkaswap Updates for ADAR: Stay informed with pricing alerts and incoming asset notifications directly within ADAR. Our integration with Polkaswap will enhance the overall user experience.

3. Support for Synthetic Tokens: Once the XST platform is released, ADAR will support synthetic tokens. This addition will expand the platform’s capabilities and enhance token compatibility.

4. History Refactoring: We recognize the importance of clear and simple events in the account activity page. The history refactoring will organize and present user actions in a more user-friendly manner.

5. Internationalization: To cater to a broader audience, ADAR will be available in Spanish and Japanese initially. This internationalization effort will facilitate a more inclusive user experience.

6. Mini Dashboard with Statistics: ADAR will feature a comprehensive dashboard displaying important statistics such as income total, outcome total, money saved, time saved and more. This dashboard will provide users with valuable insights.

7. Distribution History and Reports: Users will have access to download reports for specific periods, including special reports for tax purposes. The distribution history feature will ensure complete transparency and record-keeping.

8. Improved Reports: Our goal is to provide users with detailed and accurate reports. We will incorporate fees and price impact numbers into the reports, ensuring users have a comprehensive overview of their transactions.

The ADAR team is determined to create a payment platform that is easy to use, transparent, and seamless for everyone. As they put it, “As we continue to develop ADAR, our focus remains on delivering a seamless, transparent, and user-friendly payment distribution platform. We are excited about these features and updates and are committed to improving ADAR based on user feedback and industry trends.” They are eager to incorporate user feedback and keep up with industry trends to make ADAR even better.

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