Prime Minister Backs SORA’s Proposal: XOR could be accepted in Future Transactions of Unidentified Nation

Legislation bill will pave the way for XOR as a tool in signicant nancial transactions

In a thrilling update for SORA, Makoto has announced the Prime Minister’s endorsement of his most recent proposal. This approval positions us to make considerable progress. Although specifics are still confidential, this shift could have extensive impacts on the utilization of XOR in a country’s financial system.

While XOR won’t function as an official currency, this move represents an unprecedented step towards incorporating XOR into substantial transactions.

The concurrence followed discussions between Makoto, the Prime Minister, and other relevant ministerial officials. It’s important to underline that even insiders at SORAMITSU do not possess complete information about what this integration will entail. However, Makoto views this as a significant marker in his continual effort to develop and enhance XOR’s role in the global economy. The involved country has not yet been disclosed.

If all goes as planned, a formal press statement will be issued in the next six months.

All information comes directly from the SORA telegram channel.

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