SORA Community Warmly Welcomes Kensetsu DAO and Its New Stablecoin Proposal

A Dynamic Development in SORA

The recent introduction of Kensetsu DAO to the SORA ecosystem has triggered a wave of enthusiastic discussion among community members. We at SORA News have been covering the kickoff of this exciting new project and the reactions it has generated.

While the introduction of another stablecoin has caused some confusion among a few members, it’s essential to understand the unique role each stablecoin plays. XSTUSD is a synthetic stablecoin offering infinite liquidity paired with XST, whereas Token Bonding Curve Dollar (TBCD) is correlated with XOR and primarily used for adoption and SORA development grants.

Kensetsu’s XKUSD opens a new paradigm as part of a collateralized
system that further diversifies the range of stablecoin designs within the SORA ecosystem. This healthy competition among stablecoins will only serve to improve efficiency and reliability.

However, the introduction of Kensetsu is not the end, but rather the beginning of a new development journey. As we have emphasized in our previous reports, it’s important to remember that building a project of such scale and complexity requires time, patience, and collaborative effort.

The road ahead is long and challenging, but the possibilities it brings are indeed exciting.

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