SORA (XOR) Staking is Now Available in Fearless Wallet

A great way to stake your XOR!

In the latest Fearless update, the native SORA network has been introduced into the staking section of the Fearless Wallet. This has made nominating your preferred validator a much simpler and more intuitive process.

A SORA Community Grant

The implementation of SORA native staking was made possible by a community grant given to Fearless Wallet to incorporate SORA network support. The Fearless Wallet team diligently worked on adding SORA compatibility, as native staking was a feature in high demand. The times of needing to navigate through to validate transactions or nominate your top validators on the SORA network are now in the past.

Staking Simplified

Fearless Wallet’s flow for nominating Polkadot and Kusama validators will be mirrored in the process, making staking on your desired node or using suggested validators a seamless experience. If you haven’t done so already, this serves as yet another compelling reason to download Fearless Wallet.

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