SORAMITSU CEO Dr. Makoto Takemiya Discusses Potential Capitalization of a Bank Using XOR: More than One Billion Users Could Come to SORA

The ambitious plan of Dr. Makoto Takemiya

Recently, Dr. Makoto Takemiya has reportedly been in substantial discussions about business expansion with a leading bank. He has proposed the minting of $80 billion worth of XOR with the objective of capitalizing a bank. The endgame appears to be to extend XOR usage to a large demographic globally. A daring initiative, it has the potential to propel SORA to unprecedented heights.

The Plan

A His blueprint suggests offering the XOR as a loan, repayable with interest or fees. What’s particularly commendable is Dr. Takemiya’s transparency about his intentions – a breath of fresh air in the industry. Additionally, he has hinted at a “trial phase” involving 50 million XOR to leverage some financial institutions in the following weeks. He clarified that these XOR would not enter Polkaswap or the open market, making it intriguing to see how this would impact the ecosystem.

A Transparent Discussion

If this strategic move bears fruit, it could substantially invigorate the SORA economy. All SORA community members are urged to pay close attention to these developments. For those intrigued by these developments, a lively conversation is underway on the SORA telegram channel. Active participation and sharing of opinions is encouraged.

Dr. Takemiya’s ambitious plan holds the potential to redefine SORA’s future if it proves successful.

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