Makoto Takemiya believes a new economic system will emerge from the collapse of the US Dollar

The creation of a supranational blockchain-based economic system will challenge the status quo

In a recent conversation, Makoto Takemiya, a pioneer in the field of cryptoeconomics, made a prediction about the future of the global economic system. His statement that the current dollar-based system’s time has run out is a viewpoint that’s as controversial as it is intriguing.

Makoto claims that the existing economic structure has only a few years left. This viewpoint is based on the rapidly changing Global Monetary Systems, such as the soon-to-be-introduced BRICS currency, which will be significantly disrupted by emerging technologies such as Blockchain.

Few, even among the boldest economists, could have ever imagined that SORA could compete with, let alone replace, the dominant financial system. Yet that is precisely the innovative mindset Makoto displays. But why is he so firm in his belief?

Makoto believes that a new system will emerge from the shadows of the old, and SORA is poised to be at the forefront of that seismic shift. As he declared in his bold statement, “I know how to create a multinational economic system, and I’m doing it.”

Last week, we reported on the remarkable story of a Prime Minister from an unnamed country accepting Makoto’s proposal to use XOR for financial transactions. While the details remain under wraps, the news has shaken up the SORA community, sparking both skepticism and curiosity.

Many find it difficult to believe that SORA could gain acceptance as a currency on a national scale. Makoto’s unique approach, however, offers a plausible blueprint for this ambitious goal. As he explained during a discussion in Twitter Space, he envisions XOR working in tandem with existing national currencies so that market forces can determine which one ultimately prevails.

Makoto emphasized that SORA is inherently adaptable to the national economy, meaning that the best currency will inevitably come out on top. Moreover, the value of the currency does not seem to be his main concern. Rather, Makoto’s optimism stems from his firm belief in SORA’s structural framework and potential.

He defines SORA as “a crypto project with active monetary policy,” aimed at pioneering a new world economic system inspired by Japan’s high-growth economic miracle. The involvement with the traditional financial system is not a mere side effect, but rather a strategic direction. He says, “We want SORA to be the new economic system.”

Makoto’s vision, while bold, offers food for thought about the future of our global economic structure. As the world continues to rapidly evolve, ideas like this could well be the seeds of a new economic era.

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