Get Ready for SORA Summer: Anticipated SORA Projects, Nearing Completion

The Final Stages for most of SORA projects

The heat of the summer reflects the intense level of activity bubbling up in SORA’s ecosystem after a moon-like rise in 2020-2021. The rapidly rising market cap of over $300 million in April 2021 signifies a comeback that points to SORA’s robust fundamentals. This is a shining light for potential growth, especially considering this has been achieved while SORA is still only an ERC-20 token.

If you look at XOR’s price over the last two years, it seems to be going down. However, this doesn’t reflect the hard work that developers have been putting in. They’ve been building a new blockchain with many apps and tools for the growing SORA community.

Admittedly, the adoption of SORA initially met with barriers as the complex system put potential users off. The complications came from a less user-friendly wallet and the need to transfer tokens from Ethereum to the SORA network. However, thanks to progress like the Fearless Wallet and the SORA Wallet, the tables have turned. These tools simplify XOR staking and allow seamless trading on Polkaswap from smartphones, making the process more intuitive.

The journey doesn’t end here. The SORA Card, which is close to finalizing its development phase, will provide a new level of convenience and increase the overall adoption of SORA. At the same time, the SORA synthetic asset platform is about to move from the testnet phase to mainnet deployment. With nearly 30 assets available for trading, it will provide a rich trading experience for currency enthusiasts.

But that’s just the beginning. By exploring SORA’s integration roadmap, you’ll discover numerous exciting features in the works. These are the solid building blocks that form the core of SORA.

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